Медицинские центры в Levi, Ruka и Pyha

Медицинские услуги Bene Finlandia OY

Мы единственный медицинский центр в Финляндии, специализирующийся на лечении травм, связанных с зимними видами спорта. На всех наших здравпунктах обслуживают как туристов, так и местных жителей опытные врачи общей практики и специалисты. Наши станции хорошо и современно оборудованы и предлагают нашим клиентам всех возрастов помощь в лечении всех заболеваний и несчастных случаев на общем и специализированном уровне.

назначение (отворено 24 часа)

Медицинские центры открыты каждый день в году.

Наша служба экстренной помощи при несчастных случаях доступна в каждом из наших медицинских центров в часы работы наших станций.

Электронная почта первой помощи: info@beneaid.fi

Медицинский центр Levi

Медицинский центр Levi, Медицинские услуги Bene Finlandia Oy.

Leviraitti 6
99130 SIRKKA

Apologies, we are closed.

We are closed for the summer. We will reopen in December 2024. In case of emergencies, please call the emergency number 112.

Медицинский центр Ruka

Медицинский центр Ruka, Медицинские услуги Bene Finlandia Oy.

Kauppakeskus Kumpare,
Rukatunturi, 93825 KUUSAMO

Apologies, we are closed.

We are closed for the summer. We will reopen in November 2024. In case of emergencies, please call the emergency number 112.

Медицинский центр Pyha

Медицинский центр Pyha, Медицинские услуги Bene Finlandia Oy.

Kultakeronkatu 21

Apologies, we are closed.

We are closed for the summer. We will reopen in December 2024. In case of emergencies, please call the emergency number 112.

Инструкции по лечению для пациентов на английском языке

The best service in Lapland with over 20 years of experience

The rough and fascinating conditions of Lapland with long distances to the pharmacy and the nearest municipal doctor's emergency point bring with them challenges for those staying and visiting here.
We want to serve you during the winter with extended opening hours and comprehensive services, so that you could possibly avoid a trip to the nearest central hospital.

We have been producing medical services for 20 years. Our medical stations operating in Levi, Ruka and Pyhä offer comprehensive medical services to vacationers and locals alike. We employ about twenty professionals in the field and offer all the services of a traditional medical center from morning to night.

Each of our clinics is open every day throughout the winter season. We open the clinics at the turn of November and December and we operate until May Day. We have customized the opening hours in the medical stations to suit the needs of the fell visitors. You will reach us with a very high probability when the need arises.

All our clinics are staffed by professional staff. They have been trained to respond to the acute medical needs of active fell visitors on their journey. We take care of the on-call problems of both tourists and local residents from far and wide.

All our medical stations are equipped with modern X-ray equipment. On-site x-rays during all station opening hours enable quick first aid in the event of an accident. In the treatment of fractures and other injuries that require casting, we use the highest quality treatment materials on the market.

Our services also include various quick tests. Among other things, CRP and Streptococcus A, for planning the right treatment line for general infection patients. You can also conveniently get a quick coronavirus antigen test and a PCR test from us. An EKG can also be taken if necessary.

We professionally take care of child customers who are afraid of a doctor. The service at our medical stations is always calm and expert for small patients.
For example, we don't use traditional white coats and all pediatric patients are always rewarded with a little remembrance 🙂

Welcome to our medical stations for good treatment!

Lapsipotilaat, Lääkäripalvelut Bene Finlandia.


  • X-ray imaging available throughout the clinic's opening hours

Modern support equipment

  • When plastering fractures, we use plaster materials made of fiberglass and wood
  • We have high-quality knee orthoses for knee injuries
  • Easy-to-use braces for upper limb injuries

Quick tests

  • CRP
  • Streptococcus A
  • Urine test
  • Covid-19 AG

Corona testing

  • Antigen test and PCR test
  • Official EU QR-coded certificate of the result

Emergency services

Lääkäriasemat Levi, Ruka, Pyhä.

We are the only medical station in Finland specializing in the treatment of winter sports injuries and accidents. Our emergency service is always available during the opening hours of our stations. Each of our stations has modern x-ray imaging equipment and staff familiar with accident treatment. In our emergency department, all kinds of injuries and accidents, from small sprains to larger bone fractures, are professionally treated. X-rays, wound suturing, braces, casts, fracture and joint dislocations can always be done during your doctor's visit. Orthopedic specialists specializing in the treatment of accidents and injuries, who are at least always available for consultation remotely, are responsible for our accident emergency. Accident patients can get treatment at our clinic without waiting in line.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a separate specialist doctor's reception?

As a general rule, one or two experienced general practitioners or specialists work and are on call at our clinics at a time. We don't have separate appointment times for specialists, but the doctors on duty examine and treat all our customers, no matter what their problems are. Our doctors are used to working in the emergency room and have treated patients there across specialties. Our doctors have strong trauma expertise.

Does X-ray work during all opening hours?

Yes, it works. At all of our medical stations, we can take native x-rays of the upper and lower limbs, as well as the lungs, always during the clinic's opening hours. If necessary, we can consult our company's own orthopedists or radiologists about the images.

If I am diagnosed with a broken bone, do I have to go to the health center for a cast?

At our medical stations, there are nurses skilled in plastering, who, if necessary, will plaster your fracture. We use plastering materials made of fiberglass and wood. If you are diagnosed with a fracture that requires emergency surgical treatment, then our nurses will make a temporary cast for pain relief when you have to travel to the hospital.

Do you have an on-call emergency room?

Yes. We are the only medical station in Finland specializing in the treatment of slopes and winter sports injuries. We have an accident emergency department specializing in the treatment of injuries and accidents at each of our stations, always during our stations' opening hours. Doctors and nurses familiar with the treatment of accident patients work in the accident emergency department. Injuries and accidents can be diagnosed and treated in our emergency department in the same visit. Our emergency room uses modern X-ray equipment and other equipment. Wound suturing, treatment of fractures and casts, as well as the treatment of various strains and sprains and their supports are always done in the same visit.

In our emergency departments, experienced orthopedic specialists specializing in the treatment of injuries and accidents are always available for consultation at least remotely.
Our emergency services quickly treat customers of all ages – children, adults, athletes and the elderly.

Accident emergency departments treat, for example, the following injuries:

  • Sprains and sprains
  • Fractures
  • Wounds
  • Burns
  • Puncture wounds
  • Eye injuries

Do you have a telemedicine service?

Yes, we also have the option of a remote doctor's appointment whenever our stations are open. Please make an appointment for the doctor's remote reception by phone.


Niko Heinonen

Niko Heinonen

The doctor responsible for the operation, Orthopedist


Janne Vaattovaara

Janne Vaattovaara

The doctor responsible for recruitment


Michel Tanus

Michel Tanus

Chairman of the Board, Orthopedist