Lääkäripalvelu Bene Finlandia Oy

Bene Finlandia Oy

Levin, Rukan ja Pyhän Lääkäriasemat

First aid email: faksit@benefinlandia.fi

Bene Finlandia Oy

Fourteen years of expertise with trauma

Levi and Ruka Hospitals have stabilized their position as the main treaters of acute health care problems during the holiday season at ruka and Levi areas, from acute illnesses to skiing injuries requiring x-ray examinations. Our skilled staff is especially trained to treat any acute problem that an active arctic tourist should have from mountaineering and skiing.

The best service of Lapland

Hospitals are equipped with modern X-ray equipment, and for treatment of fractures and other injuries requiring immobilisation we use casting materials of the highest quality. Long distances to the pharmacy as well as to the public health services can make situations quite harsh sometimes - and that is just whay our Hospitals are stocked with medicines for treatment for the common infectious diseasess ad well as medicines for treating acute pain from fractures, dislocations and contusions, so that treatment can start right away without delay. On-the-spot X-ray - 24h/7d a week - and bedside laboratory tests enable us to give satisfactory first aid without additional trips to the public Hospitals.

Call us or come straight to our clinic

Our Hospitals have a 24h/day reservation service. We do not have official business hours - we are prepared to treat our patients as late to the night as required. From our reservation phone number you can reserve the next vacant time, although those patients that do require urgent treatment are treated as soon as possible, so please feel free to ”walk in” if necessary! Our personnel is ready to give you advice with issues about travel insurance and follow-up treatment.

Welcome to our Hospitals for skilled medical care!